Follux, art expert in lighting products

Mr. Alain Boily received his Bachelor of Architecture in 1978 at Laval University, in Quebec City, after which he practiced as an architect from 1980 until 2013.  Opening his own company in 1982, his practice was mainly based in the administrative, commercial, institutional and industrial sectors. His clients were from both the private and public sectors, mainly in education and health.

Recently retired from his career as an architect, Mr. Boily developed a parallel expertise in the design and manufacture of lighting products while in the acquisition of a lighting company in 1994. To his sense of design, his understanding of space, his knowledge of construction, and his mastery of the many constraints related to architecture, Mr. Boily added the mastery of the production of objects. Above all, he always made it a point of honor to ensure the satisfaction and confidence of his clients.

Various leaflets present some of the models of lamps produced by the company in the early 2000s.

Leaflet Follux


Leaflet Calliope


Leaflet Fidele


© Copyright - Follux - Photographs by Sylvie Labbé