Artworks, light sculptures and luxury lamp

Jozef Stefanka

Sculptor, Painter and Designer

Curriculum Vitae

Jozef Stefanka was born on September 18, 1941 in Czechoslovakia. He obtained a diploma in painting, drawing and sculpture in his country and then completed a training course in sculpture in California and in Canada, where he arrived in 1968, seeking a better life after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

His professional training and influence are again varied, but he lists Professors Zabransky, Bartlay (sculptor) and Stalmach (restorer) of Czechoslovakia as men who shaped his early work. The most influential North American sculptor for him was Professor Bofino of California, USA.

Jozef Stefanka, an authentic poet, drinks at all the sources of knowledge beyond all ages. These sources led him to contemplate on the universal anxieties. His Dantesque works, filled with mythological essence and deepened by a perpetual continuity of reflections on death, life and evolution, show the mirror – spirituality of his ideal and mystic passion embracing all humanity.

This artist uses oil, water color, pastel, drawing and sculpture. His work of art can be found throughout major private and public companies. His work has been requested by former Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney, as the official state gift to visiting dignitaries.

Professional Qualifications

  • Murals (painted and mixed media)
  • Reliefs (metal, wood, stucco)
  • Interior design (restaurants, private clubs, halls)
  • Painting (various oil techniques, acrylic, watercolour, mixed media, collage)
  • Sculpture in clay (terra cotta, soneware, porcelain, raku)
  • Design of lighting sculptures
  • Design of jewelry

Major Exhibits – Solo

  • 1992 – Rockfest
  • 1991 – Le tournoi des Châteaux, Montebello, Canada
  • 1990 – Le tournoi des Châteaux, Montebello, Canada
  • 1986 – International Festival of Culture, Toronto, Canada
  • 1983 – L’Imagier, Aylmer, Canada
  • 1982 – La Grainerie, Château Montebello, Canada
  • 1979 – Studio Arts Gallery, Saint-John, Canada
  • 1978 – Music Village, Yarmouth, Canada
  • 1977 – Historic Museum, Yarmouth, Canada
  • 1975 – TV Presentation, Saint-Georges, Canada
  • 1973 – Charles D.S., Vancouver, Canada
  • 1972 – Hamilton Building’s Art Studio, San Francisco, USA
  • 1970 – Art Center, San Diego, USA


  • Japan Airlines
  • Prime Minister’s Office, Ottawa, Canada
  • Minister of Resources and Supply, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Canadian Pacific Hotels
  • Canadian Red Cross
  • Moncton Times
  • Sundail Investment Ltd.
  • Marjac Promotions
  • Hestia Co.
  • Etc.


Recreating itself into another form in shapes of speed, simplicity, lightness, elegance of function and marvel. All this brings to humanity joy, happiness and a sense of wonder – perhaps knowledge of themselves. Light has always fascinated Jozef Stefanka, with all its characteristics, its subtle lines defining objects in darkness, almost following the parallel path of the inner light. The inner light expands from invisible to visible and gives its own form of expression as it expands to support all existence, visible or invisible.

In creating the light sculptures, Jozef Stefanka states:

‟My great interest in this light brings me on the road to work and play together with its properties and comes up with something for others to use and enjoy. This work of art, in the form of a light sculpture, is a representation of the energies which we utilize in our daily lives. This brings me the greatest satisfaction. Through all this I demonstrate my contribution to humanity.”

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